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Editor, The Beacon:

As longtime members of the Volusia Adopt-A-Road/Keep Volusia Beautiful Program, we routinely pick up trash multiple times a day in our neighborhood while walking our dogs. Unfortunately, since the pandemic’s inception, we’ve seen a more than tenfold increase in the amount of litter on the roads and sidewalks and in shopping-plaza parking lots.

To-go and takeout options from restaurants are a most welcome option these days, yet litter from this convenient and safe consumer choice has become ubiquitous: Bottles, cans, plastic and plastic-foam cups, plates, containers, straws, masks, gloves and more abound. It’s unsightly and unhealthy.

The City of DeLand and Volusia County both should adopt and enforce a policy that eateries must provide exterior garbage receptacles for customers to discard their trash. 

Nowadays, many people eat in their cars and on benches or while walking. But unfortunately, some just mindlessly and selfishly toss trash on the ground, rather than take it home or back to work to discard.

A requirement to provide trash cans outside eating establishments could help ensure our beautiful city doesn’t become even more inundated with trash.

Michael and Jo Ann Nahirny



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