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2021 introduces Sean King as the newly elected president of the West Volusia Branch of the NAACP. 

King’s leadership follows the great work of two past presidents, longtime leader David Staples and the immediate past president, Mike Williams. These men broke barriers, created opportunities for financial growth, and fought for social justice. 

Sean King, born in Kingston, Jamaica, is a member of the first graduating class of Deltona High School. This West Volusia resident is ready to take the reins. 

King is no stranger to the principles and objectives of the NAACP. As a teenager, he was actively engaged in the NAACP Youth Council, and received a college scholarship from the organization, which led to pursuing a degree from Morehouse College and, later, a master’s degree from Keller Graduate School. 

After living in Atlanta for 20 years, King first returned to Deltona, where his father, Emmanuel King, had worked for the city’s developers, the Mackle Brothers, during the 1980s, as a real estate broker, helping the company establish Deltona. Later, King opened his own investment company, Freeman Realty and Readers Investment Inc. 

For the past six years, King has diligently worked as the West Volusia NAACP vice president. 

“As a father of five and grandfather of four, I truly understand the needs of our community and want to ensure that our children grow up in a safe, equitable and just society,” King said. 

King has expressed concerns about race and equity in the following six areas: Volusia County schools, public and private; health care; criminal justice; housing; employment; and local politics. 

“NAACP would like to establish partners to ensure that minorities and other community members are able to have the same opportunities,” King said. 

The NAACP is only as strong as its members. To tackle each area of concern, members must be vigilant, diligent and active to ensure that the community’s needs are met. 

Active NAACP members, such as Vernon Moore, see the importance of the voice of the people and providing a platform for change. 

“I would like to see improvements in the areas of career advancement, entrepreneurship, homeownership, and financial literacy and empowerment of Volusia residents,” Moore said. “I would also like to see political inclusion amongst all Volusia residents.” 

Moore is a longtime member and the West Volusia Branch NAACP economic development chair. 

As president, King is eager to create necessary partnerships with local, state and national branches. 

“Following the lead of past presidents,” he said, “it is time that we further build relationships established between our branch and interested organizations, businesses and associations.” 

Involving young people who have recently become active in the Black Lives Matter movement will be another key, King said. 

“We have yet to actively engage in various youth movements demanding social justice. Progress and civil rights is not a one-time event. It’s a process of organizing stakeholders and coming in agreement of how to move forward together,” King said. 

The mission of the NAACP is to secure political, educational, social and economic equality of rights, to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all people. 

If you are interested in learning more about membership or how to be involved, call 386-736-0180, send email to info@westvolusianaacp.org, or visit westvolusiaNAACP.org. 

— Cameron, a longtime educator, lives in Orange City. Send email to cameronchronicleslive@gmail.com. 


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