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Editor, The Beacon:

Someone should stand up for the hundreds, even thousands, of American citizens who went to Washington Jan. 6 to exercise their constitutional right to protest against their elected officials. Many of those officials, from mayors to governors to congressmen, have refused to review and consider the amazing amount of evidence of fraud during the recent elections.

People marched in a peaceful way to make a statement to us all that their position has not been represented in a meaningful way. This was their last recourse.

The protest is being portrayed as rioting and even treason, when the opposite is true. I have firsthand eyewitness accounts from some of the ones who were there. They have told me about the good-natured activities and conversations among the group.

In his speech, President Trump asked the crowd to go to the Capitol and peacefully protest. He did not ask for unlawful acts.

The few dozen who broke through security lines and even entered the congressional chambers did not represent the view of the vast majority. Perhaps some had planned this disruption ahead of time. The break-in started before the speech ended.

If blame is assigned, most should go to the elected officials who failed to represent the views of their constituents.

Patricia Snowden Lane



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