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Junior Goosby is one of the founders of Hood News Global Radio, an online radio show started in 2009 that has spotlighted members of the Spring Hill community in DeLand.

Q: Tell us a little about the radio show.

A: I came up with the name Hood News, because when a person hears the word “the hood,” their mind probably goes to, OK, that’s bad. So the reason why I came up with that is because it really is a neighborhood.

I want to show people the hood, and after they see the hood, then they’ll know, it ain’t nothing but a neighborhood. And I wanted to show all the different things that the kids are doing in the community, what they’re doing, the talent that they have beyond just sports.

Q: What’s it been like during the pandemic?

A: During this time, with the COVID stuff, we’re definitely a bit down with all the different events we usually put together. We also had different youth programs, and that hurt us because we couldn’t meet up with the kid like we used to do before the pandemic.

But, as far as for us to be able to put information out — we definitely were able to do that more. Now there’s a lot of people stuck at home, and that really gives them time to watch social media more, and listen to the radio more.

Q: How do you keep the conversations going about race and inequality?

A: Definitely have to keep pushing the information out. And setting up different events, and opening them up, so people can see for themselves.

There’s a lot of people that really just don’t know. They just don’t know — so I say the more we open our hearts up and our arms up and welcome different people of all races and all walks of life, that’s the only way I see it getting better.

Everything with the coronavirus, and George Floyd, and all the stuff with our community —  I can’t say I’ve seen the good side of that.

But if we continue trying not to focus too much on the media, and instead focusing on the community within itself, we’ll be all right. Because nobody can tell me nothing about my neighbor, because that’s my neighbor, and I know my neighbor. If we build more relationships like that, we’ll be all right.


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