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A 65-year-old, 8-inch water main broke apart underneath an intersection near Downtown DeLand just before 6 p.m. this evening, causing minor flooding in the immediate area, breaking apart the road and shutting off water service for 16 nearby customers.

The breach was at the intersection of North Florida and West Michigan avenues, near the headquarters of the West Volusia Historical Society at 137 W. Michigan Ave.

The pipe, likely installed during the 1950s, suffered what’s called a “circular split,” according to City of DeLand spokesman Chris Graham.

“No one hit it or anything; it just failed,” Graham said.

Graham said the flow to the pipe was quickly isolated and shut down, and city crews expect to be able to repair the damage tonight. Once water service is restored, residents who lost service will need to boil their water before consuming it for a time, in case contaminants got into the pipe during the breach.

Graham said city workers will knock on doors and notify affected residents.

City of DeLand police and fire crews were on the scene this evening, and the intersection was closed to traffic.

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