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Editor, The Beacon:

When I used to write a political column in The Beacon, I always gloated about how I was still a registered Democrat. And I am. It was me needling my friends on the left in good fun. 

Tonight, I’m happy I’m a Democrat. I encourage all Americans to change their party affiliation to “D.”

The current crop of “leaders” on the left are dangerous. Public record tells them who you are and what party you support. You have a target on your back. Don’t ignore history.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the censorship happening in America is reminiscent of something that has happened before. Think she wasn’t talking from a position of guilt and remembrance? Ask yourself which candidate China, Russia and Iran wanted to win. It’s not really a mystery.

I choose to ignore eight months of violence and mayhem. Seven hundred buildings were destroyed in Minneapolis. More than two dozen people died in antifa and Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Thousands of “cops’’ were injured. And the Republicans are now all “insurrectionists.’’ 

Don’t be identified. If you voted for Trump or questioned the results of the election, you are an enemy of the state and an anarchist.

Frankly, I’ll just lay low. I’m a Democrat.

I’m now all for illegal immigration. I’m all for citizenship for illegal immigrants. I’m all for tearing down the wall. I’m all for no photo identification to vote. I’m all for D.C. and Puerto Rico being states.

I’m all for the filibuster being obliterated to allow my party to do whatever they want. I’m all for padding the Supreme Court with as many justices as are needed to secure my party’s power.

Fracking needs to end. The pipeline should be shut down.

I don’t want to end up in the sights of these people. I’m all in.

My Democratic Party is promising a “crackdown” on those who supported Trump. We will destroy the Republican Party and have the power to do so.

Why would I change my registration? I need to be on the winning team.

David S. Rauschenberger

Orange City


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