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Editor, The Beacon: 

What great historical articles in your Beacon from Amy Munizzi and Phil Eschbach concerning DeLeon Springs. We enjoyed reading them so much. 

I have pictures of my Mom and Dad swimming in DeLeon Springs before I was born in DeLand in 1923. The old sugar-mill wheel was turning there, and water-skiing elephants were an attraction. 

We came over on picnics a lot when Ernest (my husband) and I dated. We graduated in 1941 from Mainland High School in Daytona Beach, and we married in 1944. 

One year, a schoolmate tried to ride the sugar wheel and was severely injured, but he recovered. Silly boy. 

Our grandson Darryn and family come to visit from Chicago each year and always go to DeLeon. They say they enjoy it and hope it will continue and be there always, and so do we. 

We plan to celebrate our 77th wedding anniversary in March, if we can avoid the virus. 

Marvena and Ernest Beasley 



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