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Getting schoolwork done without a computer nowadays is next to impossible. While many schools had access to laptops for students, too many of the portable computers were outdated. Now, according to the school district, every middle-schooler and high-school student will have access to newer laptops to check out and take home. 

“This is pretty exciting for the district and for the students, especially [those who] may not have access to technology,” Chief Information Officer Clint Griffin said. “Every single student, whether they’re in Volusia Live or brick-and-mortar, will have the opportunity to be assigned one of these devices. That is huge.”

Students will be required to use the new Dell Latitude 11-3190 2-in-1 computers for educational purposes only, and software on the computers will prevent internet browsing during test-taking. 

The district is also in the process of upgrading teachers’ computers to Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Yoga 2-in-1 laptops. 

Rollout of the student laptops has already begun and should finish with district middle schools by the end of this week, Griffin said.


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