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If you happen to be injured in a wreck, fall off a ladder, or suffer a heart attack this spring, you may have the opportunity to ride to a hospital in a brand-new ambulance.

Volusia County Emergency Medical Services — formerly known as EVAC — is purchasing two new fully equipped medical-transport vehicles to augment its fleet and improve its response capabilities as the area grows. The Volusia County Council recently appropriated the funds.

The total capital outlay for the new units, including state-of-the-art medical equipment for advanced life support, is $626,884.

The county is ordering the new ambulances from Braun Industries Inc., of Van Wert, Ohio. Once they are built, the vehicles are to be delivered on or about May 1.

One of the new ambulances will be assigned to the west side of the county, while the other is to stand by for emergencies on the east side.

Currently, the county’s EMS has a total fleet of 53 ambulances, and 28 of those are typically in service each day.

A breakdown of the costs shows the ambulances themselves are priced at $189,000 each, or $378,000 for the pair. The balance of the outlay goes for such items as computers, radios, defibrillators and stretchers.

During the 2020 calendar year, the county’s EMS responded to a total of 60,562 calls for service. That equates to a daily average of 165 calls per day, or approximately seven per hour.

The agency has 234 employees, most of whom are emergency medical technicians or paramedics. These EMTs and paramedics are in addition to those employed in the municipal fire departments.

WHAT IS A FIRE DEPARTMENT WITHOUT DALMATIANS? — The time-honored practice of having the spotted canines as mascots and companions is alive and well in the Orange City Fire Department. Firefighter/EMT Megan Perkins, left, poses with her two Dalmatians, Arson and Rookie, along with Firefighter Noah Schefer, center, and Deputy Chief Sam Pilcher, right. The Orange City Fire Department was among the several first responders taking part in University High School’s EMS/Military Day, which was Jan. 29.


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