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Volusia County is transitioning to the statewide pre-registration system for COVID-19 vaccines. After Feb. 15, Volusia County residents will no longer use the much-maligned Eventbrite platform to race to register for a limited number of COVID-19 shots.

Announced Jan. 29, the Sharecare registration platform is being used by counties across the state. Volusia County is moving away from Eventbrite and onto Sharecare. 

County spokeswoman Kate Sark said adults age 65 and older will no longer have to wake up and race to hit the “register” button on Eventbrite. That doesn’t mean, however, your appointment will be immediate.

“Once pre-registered, individuals will receive a call when vaccine appointments become available,” she said in an email. “Due to limited supply and high demand, individuals may not receive a call regarding an appointment for an extended period of time. Questions regarding pre-registration and appointments should be directed to the state’s Volusia County helpline at 833-540-2077.”

Some locals already registered with Sharecare, although Volusia County wasn’t officially using it — despite being listed — when the state first rolled it out. Individuals will be contacted in the order they registered; if you registered two weeks ago, you will, according to Volusia County, receive a call before people who register now.

Registration on Sharecare is available now. Visit the Sharecare website at myvaccine.fl.gov or call 866-201-7314.

At this time, Sark told The Beacon,all county vaccine clinics are expected to be at the Volusia County Fairgrounds, 3150 E. New York Ave., in DeLand, for the foreseeable future. 

The Sharecare pre-registration platform is only for vaccination clinics at the fairgrounds and not for vaccine distribution at Publix or local pharmacies. 

As of Feb. 9, the only people eligible to pre-register for vaccination clinics at the Volusia County Fairgrounds are Florida residents ages 65 and older. 

For more information about COVID-19 vaccination, including what area retailers and pharmacies have doses, visit our COVID-19 Q&A.


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