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Editor, The Beacon:

I can’t help but comment on the letter in the Feb. 4 Beacon from a Mr. Martin Harper in Orange City. There are a few facts that are left out of his letter.

The premise that the vice president could overturn the election was perpetrated on the internet viewed by tens of millions by individuals claiming to be legal scholars and constitutional-law professors who told us how the 12th Amendment works. They were liars; however, they did it very convincingly.

This is the danger of the internet, millions of Americans believed them. As far as the commentary on “There were good people on both sides,“ that is absolutely 100-percent true and not an ignorant statement. Storming the Capitol was wrong and illegal.

I blame the internet, not Mr. Trump. If you would’ve bothered to watch the president‘s speech two hours before the Capitol was stormed, you would see that he said protest was fine and make your voices heard. He in no way recommended violent action, unlike the Democrat hero Maxine Waters, who on an open microphone on the floor of the Congress hollered for people to harass members of the Trump administration if they were ever seen in a public place.

So the double standard is ridiculous. As far as good luck to Joe Biden, maybe a brain transplant would be good luck for him.

Rick Ciraco



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