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Editor, The Beacon:

Throughout the history of our nation, millions of people have put their lives on the line to preserve and defend our democratic institutions. As a U.S. Air Force veteran from Deltona, I’m proud to count myself among those who have raised their hands and sworn to defend the Constitution of these United States. My service commitment may have ended, but my oath has not.

The president swears a similar oath, which is why I felt personally violated when Donald Trump incited a mob of rioters into a deadly assault on our Capitol Jan. 6.

This was nothing less than an act of sedition, designed to steal power and destroy our democracy. There must be accountability for all those who conspired to undermine our free and fair elections through violence and intimidation.

Congress must immediately convict President Trump and bar him from holding future office. There will surely be a thorough and tenacious investigation into this attempt to seize power, but we don’t need to wait to know that President Trump is directly responsible for the violence that day. Anyone who participated in the Jan. 6 desecration of our Capitol must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

We cannot wait another day. Failing to act now will only invite more acts of treason. Military members have met our duty to this nation, now it’s time for Congress to fulfill their oath and bar this dangerous traitor from ever holding office ever again, as well as remove his ilk. Those who support sedition do not deserve to hold elected office, such as Michael Waltz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and others.


Justin Straughan



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