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The Beacon columnist, Dr. Primrose Cameron is an accomplished businesswoman, children’s book author, mentor, educator, union advocate, and activist in the local community.

She is the founder of Sisters Build Network for Girls, Inc., a mentoring program for young girls, and tirelessly promotes understanding and conversation through her Beacon column, “Cameron’s Chronicles,” her community outreach, and through different listening events.

Most recently, she hosted a virtual Martin Luther King Jr. ceremony, available HERE, and a Facebook Live version of “Cameron’s Chronicles” with special guest Volusia County Council Member Barb Girtman, and Daytona Beach Mayor Derrick Henry.

One of Primrose’s mentees, So’lace Curinton, described her experience with Sisters Build.

“Dr. Primrose welcomed me with open arms when I joined the organization in 2019. She immediately became my mentor. She listens, counsels and encourages me to strive for my dreams,” Curinton said. “She has been such a positive encouragement in my life.”

“I believe in the power of voice, equity and solidarity,” Cameron said. “If we are truly to enhance our communities, we must work together to enhance the lives of our youth. I stopped complaining and decided to do something about it.”


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