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Volusia County native Dr. Tiffanee Grant is a longtime educator and member of the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Committee, DeLand chapter.

While she has worn many hats in the Volusia County Schools system, she currently works as the assistant principal of Manatee Cove Elementary School in Orange City.

“I started out as a teacher, and I taught for several years, and then I became a counselor. Shortly after that, I was a teacher on assignment, and then I became an assistant principal,” Grant told The Beacon. “I’ve worn many hats, and to me that’s my biggest accomplishment, being an educator for so many years and enjoying it.”

The thing Grant enjoys most about being an educator is the relationships she forges with students.

“They all come from different walks of life, and as long as you can brighten their lives when they’re here, I think that means the world to them,” she said. “When I see the need, I want to do something. I understand I can’t help them all, but even if it’s something small, just being able to make a difference in one child at a time if I can, that’s one of the greatest things I love about being an educator.”

Manatee Cove Elementary School Principal Michelle Sojka praised her co-worker’s dedication to her job and her students.

“In her current assignment, she embodies all of the characteristics needed of a strong assistant principal — intelligent, poised, well-organized and personable,” Sojka said. “Dr. Grant demonstrates exemplary knowledge of her job. Her commitment to the staff and students at Manatee Cove is unparalleled.”

Another person that spoke highly of Grant was her nephew, student Jayden Brown.

“There is one thing I will always remember that she tells me a lot, though, and that is ‘every action has a consequence, whether or not it’s good or bad,’” he said. “She pushes me every day to become a better person than I was the day before, and I love how she never gave up, making her an amazing inspiration for me.”

In working with the MLK Jr. Celebration Committee, Grant said her goal has been to diversify the organization’s offerings to the community to celebrate the life and goals of Dr. King.

For Black History Month, her focus is community awareness.

“I think it’s important for us to remember the importance of history — our Black history,” Grant said. “It’s important for us as a people to bring awareness to our contributions to the world.”


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