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Parking enforcement map

March 1 update:

While enforcement will resume on Monday, the city will only issue warnings to violators committing minor infractions from March 1 to March 5 as part of an educational campaign to raise awareness for parking enforcement. More flagrant violations such as illegally parking in a handicap parking spot or double parking will be issued tickets.

– DeLand Public Information Officer Chris Graham

Original release below:

Please be aware the the City of DeLand will resume parking enforcement effective March 1st. See the attached map for locations of the downtown parking lots. They are color coded to show parking time limits.

All day parking is available at the Eastern end of Lot 1; Lots 7A &7B; at East Indiana & Alabama; and Lot 8 on East Rich.

Please don’t park on the street until after 4:00 if you need your vehicle close when you close.

Don’t forget to inform your employees.

– MainStreet DeLand Association Executive Director Wayne Carter

From the DeLand Police Department:

Typical parking citation fines are as follows:


  • Time violations
  • Not parked within the parking space (Tire slightly over line)
  • Parking in a reserved space


  • Taking up two or more spaces,
  • Loading zones,
  • Yellow curbs,
  • Parking in a non-designated space.

It is important to remember that a $9.00 and an $18.00 citation go up to $30.00 after 14 days if not paid.

– https://volusia.crimewatchfl.com/delandpd/42614/faq/how-does-city-deland-enforce-parking


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