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Editor’s note: Greater Union Life Center in DeLand is sponsoring Black History Month 2021 banners honoring 16 individuals who have made a positive impact on the city of DeLand, and Volusia County. The banners have been installed along Woodland Boulevard in Downtown DeLand, and The Beacon is compiling profiles of the individuals.

Barb Girtman — current Volusia County Council District 1 representative, former West Volusia Hospital Authority member

Successful politico, real estate agent, and community advocate Barb Girtman was elected to the Volusia County Council in 2018.

She represents District 1, which includes DeLand, DeLeon Springs and Pierson. The banner honoring her hangs at the heart of the city where she has long worked toward equality and inclusion.

“To be at the corner of New York Avenue and Woodland Boulevard in Downtown DeLand during Black History Month demonstrates the progress that has been made toward acknowledging accomplishments and efforts despite the challenges,” Girtman told The Beacon. “It feels good — it feels like an accomplishment.”


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