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Editor, The Beacon:

This letter is for all of you who drive through Country Club Estate-less (formerly Country Club Estates, pre Publix and the Bentley Green subdivision).

Country Club Estate-less is a neighborhood of hilly, narrow, winding roads that are a magnet for area runners, walkers (dog and solo) and school buses. It is a county-zoned neighborhood amid a sea of city-zoned neighborhoods.

Maybe because of its county status and therefore subject to less money designated to repair and resurface its roads, Country Club Estate-less is also full of potholes. Filling and repairing these potholes is a Band-Aid approach to improving the roads, but even filling and repairing aren’t happening much.

On Princeton Road, there is currently an orange cone in one pothole that is rapidly approaching swimming-pool status. A few others are “getting there.” And these holes are all over the place.

So: Drivers beware! Your cars’ health is at stake, and I won’t even tell you what’s in store for you if your avoiding potholes causes you to hit a walker, runner, dog, or child waiting for the school bus.

Slow down, and be vigilant. Please.

Judy Raymond



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