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Time will tell if we are indeed past the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, but Orange City is planning public activities that seem like the pre-2020 good times.

Following the successful showing of Frozen II on March 5, the city will host another Movie in the Park. Trolls World Tour will be shown following sunset Friday, April 2, at Veteran’s Memorial Park, located at 120 E. Graves Ave. The movie is free, but those attending should wear masks and practice social distancing.

Next month, also, there will be a food-truck event at Mill Lake Park. The Orange City Council has approved allowing four food trucks to sell and serve at the park at 207 E. Blue Springs Ave. 4-8 p.m Friday, April 30. City officials say the occasion will “be advertised as a ‘grab-and-go event.’” Mill Lake Park also has benches and pavilions for visitors.

While Independence Day may seem a long way off, Orange City is planning a traditional holiday fireworks display. The city is contracting with Zambelli Fireworks Manufacturing Co., of New Castle, Pennsylvania, for a nighttime aerial show at Valentine Park, 1511 W. French Ave.,  Saturday, July 3. Zambelli will be paid $18,500 to provide the visual and sonic spectacular shortly after sunset. That sum includes a $7,750 credit the city paid last year for a celebration that did not occur.

Orange City last year canceled its Independence Day fireworks because of the pandemic and concerns about large numbers of people coming together and spreading the deadly virus. Moreover, as more and more people fell victim to unemployment resulting from the economic shutdown and business closings, the City Council shifted most of its fireworks appropriation — $10,000 — to provide emergency food aid for people in need. The council allocated those funds to Orange City United Methodist Church for its food bank. 


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