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Editor, The Beacon:

I was so glad to read in The Beacon that DeLand High School is holding a spring musical this year, March 17-19. It sounds like another wonderful production. 

The students work hard and do an excellent job every year. At $10 a ticket, it is a bargain price for a live performance.

The school auditorium is large and can easily hold a big crowd, even if spaced apart for safety. I have only lived in DeLand for three years, and each year I have called the high school to ask the drama teacher to please put publicity out earlier so that more people will have time to plan to attend. Finding out on a Friday that all the performances are less than a week away is not enough time!

If only one student worked as hard on publicity as the performers and stage crew do, many more of the area’s theater lovers would have a chance to attend. With some better publicity, they could sell a lot more $10 tickets, maybe enough to buy a better sound system (which is the only negative impacting their performances).

Best wishes to DeLand Hill Street Theatre!

Shirley Burtnett



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