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Editor, The Beacon:

Once again, our Florida representatives to the U.S. Congress embarrassed and dishonored the 21 million citizens of this state. Recently, the U.S. House voted overwhelmingly to award medals to members of the Capitol Police force and show our “highest expression of national appreciation.”

But Florida Reps. Matt Gaetz and Greg Steube voted to deny the medals for bravery by the Capitol Police. Gaetz and Steube twisted history and blatantly refused to recognize the selfless and heroic efforts of the police to preserve our democracy.

The Capitol Police, outnumbered and under-equipped, held the lines as long as they could against hundreds of radical domestic terrorists bent upon capturing congressional leaders, hanging the vice president, and destroying symbols of our laws and Constitution.

In turn, more than 140 police officers were injured in beatings with clubs, metal pipes and fists; speared with flagpoles, and sprayed in the face and eyes with toxic bear spray. One officer died, and two others later committed suicide. Other Capitol Police officers reported that the battle with the terrorists was scarier than their tours on combat duty in Iraq.

None of that apparently matters to Mr. Gaetz and Mr. Steube. By the way, they also voted that day against the Violence Against Women Act.

Who are these makeup-wearing prima donnas representing, anyway?

Greg Heeter



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