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A DeLeon Springs woman is working to make certain her fellow warriors have faithful and able four-footed companions to help them in their daily lives.

Alexandra “Ally” Nass, herself a medically retired Army veteran, has established a nonprofit organization, Command K-9 Service Dogs, to train dogs to provide assistance, love and comfort for disabled former military personnel.

“He can open a fridge, close it. He can turn on lights. He can retrieve medication and pick up anything I drop,” Nass said, referring to her dog named Trump. “He will help me stand up, when my back gives out on me.”

Since she incorporated Command K-9 Service Dogs on Jan. 1 of this year, Nass has placed 15 skilled and trained dogs with veterans in need of a helper and a best friend.

Nass is a disabled veteran, and Trump is her constant companion.

How long does it take to train a dog for such work?

“It will take 16-30 weeks,” Nass said. 

Nass is now using in civilian life the training and experience she gained in her work as a dog handler in the Army. She served four years on active duty, including a tour of duty in Korea. 

Those interested in learning more about Nass’ work and her organization may visit http://www.commandk9servicedogs.com/


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