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 Editor, The Beacon:

I was very interested in your article this week about the housing in DeLand. It is always worrisome when one thinks the developers are going to take over and ruin the city.

I realize there are many obstacles to maneuver when one is against more development. I think the one answer to this is often forgotten.

I believe the city has the power to decide what is best for itself. In the case of DeLand, people want to move here or already love it here because of the land, the trees, the space. So, keep it.

Welcome development, but have a citywide mandate that calls for no less than one-third of an acre for each house built. 

Make a few strong green laws that demand trees on all property.

Developers want to put the most buildings on their land so their profit will be larger, but more property causes the price of houses to go up.

I drove through West Oak off Plymouth yesterday, and it is awful. The houses are on top of each other, and there isn’t a tree in the development. That doesn’t belong in DeLand.

Cities across the country have come up with creative ideas to save the reason people move into them. An architectural board (Montgomery, Alabama). City horticulturist. Mandatory green spaces. Trees clean the air and keep us cool.

Too many roads, too many buildings cause our heat to rise. I don’t think DeLand should wait or postpone this type of rule (law). Do it now.

Jane Donlon



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