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If your home includes wagging tails, soft meows, gleeful whinnies, and the fresh fragrance of flowers, then Lewis’ Feed & Garden is the place for you!

A family-run business and a DeLand staple for more than 15 years, Lewis’ Feed & Garden was purchased by husband and wife Sam and Andrea Scott in October 2020. “This just popped up and seemed like a good opportunity,” said Andrea. 

The former owners of De Leon Feed for more than 20+ years, the Scotts have previous experience in the feed and garden industry. “I grew up around horses and animals,” said Andrea. “When we purchased De Leon Feed in 1998, we built it up significantly, and now we’re ready to step into growing Lewis’ Feed & Garden.”

Best known for their wide selection of animal feed, hardware and garden supplies, Lewis’ Feed & Garden offers an extensive variety of items for just about any animal in your home or farm. “We have everything from feed for big animals like your cattle and horses, all the way down to your small guinea pigs and mice,” said Andrea.

They also have a large gardening section. “We sell plants, pitchforks, hatchets, vegetable seeds, general farm equipment and hardware,” said Sam. “Everything you need we have on hand.”

With more people wanting to know where their food comes from, there has been a surge in at-home gardening and raising animals for food. This has led to people looking to places like Lewis’ Feed & Garden, not only for their supplies but for information as well. 

“We have become the go-to place for information pertaining to gardening, farming and particularly poultry,” said Sam. “We sell a variety of chickens and ducks year-round, and people see us as their one-stop-shop for all their farming, household and informational needs.”

While Andrea and Sam have kept everything special about Lewis’ Feed & Garden the same, there are a couple of changes they’ve made that they think the customers will enjoy. “Our ultimate goal is to expand what’s already in place,” said Sam. “We have new stuff coming in every week.”

Some of their new products include more pet supplies, as well as locally made items. “We’re really trying to support some of our DeLand locals by putting some of their products in the store.”

At Lewis’ Feed & Garden, the Scotts pride themselves on their community support, customer service and home-like atmosphere. “We’re just continuing with what we’ve always done,” said Sam, “focusing on the customers, taking care of their needs, and being good stewards of the community.”

Lewis’ Feed & Garden is located in DeLand at 1408 E. New York Ave., and they are open 8:30 a.m.–6 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. on Saturday, and noon–5 p.m. on Sunday. For more information about Lewis’ Feed & Garden, follow them on Facebook @LewisFeedGarden or call 386-736-8518.




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