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Editor, The Beacon:

On Monday, May 3, at 7 p.m. at DeLand City Hall, the City Commission will discuss the future of the former Sandhill Golf Course, 167 acres that may have 860 houses built there, some multifamily, as well as stores, all jammed together, and will be using lots of our precious water. 

Crowded roads and schools, as well as a loss of greenery near Downtown, could be the outcome.

There is another plan, and Dave Ballesteros will present his plan, which includes golf as well as a multiuse park. 

The plan is a good one for DeLand. It will be a way that we can all benefit from the land, save the beautiful oaks growing there, and attract tourists to spend money in our town.

Please attend and hear the two plans. You’ll hear what our choices are.

Catherine Samuels



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