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Editor, The Beacon:

I had hoped to die being the king of kindness, but now I realize that I am merely a pretender to the throne. 

There are so many kind people in DeLand who help me cross the street and are there to catch me if I fall. 

Your kindness has not gone unnoticed, and this old geezer thanks you.

Harley Schmude



  1. That comment makes Harley Schmude sound very wonderful. Oh, what a kind man, right? Well, he had all of you duped! I just learned that he passed away. I am his daughter. Why did I just learn this? Because he abandoned my brother, my mother, and me when I was young. Yes. He took all the money my parents had saved and left us homeless and poor. After that, he never contacted us again. Sometimes marriages end. I get that. But he had children! How could he take all our money and leave us?!?! And I’m just finding out that he told all his friends that he had no kids and was never married! My only memories of this man are horrible. He was abusive to my brother, cheated on my mother countless times, and stole money every opportunity he had. I’m sorry to say that this published comment is not a reflection of this man’s life.


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