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Editor, The Beacon:

A friend likes to remind us that old age ain’t for sissies. That seems unarguable, but fellow old toots might be able to find relief on the uphill grade by embracing the lighter side of decrepitude.

You’ll know the weight of the years has reached critical mass when young drugstore clerks start favoring you with pet names. It goes something like “Will there be anything else with those Dulcolax chewables, sweetheart? You know, hon, you get the second box half-price this week.” Endearing and a solid heads-up.

The longer you last, the more loss and regret are bound to come. But accommodating that may leave some room to maneuver.

If life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think, it should be easy to pick a team. Better to get out front of the heartless crowd and start laughing at yourself.

Brad Mason



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