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Editor, The Beacon:

This community owes Roger Hughes an enormous debt of gratitude. 

He showed us what a quality football program should be. He brought us outstanding young men and women. 

Some of them will enrich us by making our area their home; those who leave will take Stetson University and DeLand wherever they go. 

He has given us many enjoyable Saturdays.

We need to also thank Dr. Wendy Libby, Jeff Altier and Stetson’s board for having the wisdom to hire Dr. Hughes, the foresight to expand the university’s athletic opportunities, and the courage to make football a non-scholarship program.

And, we need to thank the City of DeLand for being a partner in providing a beautiful venue with a good grounds crew.

Congratulations, Dr. Hughes! DeLand’s loss is Crete’s gain.

Diane Congdon


— Editor’s note: Dr. Roger Hughes, who served as Stetson University’s head football coach for a number of years, has accepted appointment as president of his alma mater, Doane University in Crete, Nebraska.


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