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Stetson University is looking to encourage students to get their COVID-19 vaccinations with prizes including free tuition, theme park tickets, money and more.

For new and returning undergraduate students, the Safer Stetson Tuition Award will grant two lucky — and vaccinated — students with full tuition for the 2021-22 academic year. One full year of paid tuition will go to an incoming transfer or first-year student, and another full year of tuition will go to a returning Stetson University undergraduate student. 

According to the Safer Stetson website, “runner-up awards include tickets to either Universal Orlando or Disney World.”

Winners will be announced live July 30. Stetson University is still in the process of finalizing details on the live broadcast.

Undergraduate students will have more chances to win prizes for vaccination, too, starting June 11 when the Safer Stetson $1,000 awards begin distribution.

New and returning undergraduate students who register their vaccination online with the university will have a shot at winning $1,000 once per week for eight weeks until July 30. 

Each week, beginning June 11 with the first drawing, one student will win $1,000 and a runner-up will win a free annual parking pass. 

New and returning graduate students at either the Stetson University DeLand campus or the College of Law will have a separate chance to win $1,000 awards once per week from June 11 to July 30. In addition, a runner-up at the DeLand campus will be awarded with a parking pass once per week.

According to a press release from Stetson University spokeswoman Sandra Carr, incentivizing vaccination will help the campus get back to normal.

“Stetson views a high vaccination percentage as an important step toward returning the campus to a more normal environment and allow students more freedom to attend athletic games, large events like homecoming, theater productions and concerts, and to participate in academic competitions in person,” she said.

As of June 4, according to Vice President of Enrollment Management Ray Nault, some 28 percent of the Stetson community has reported their completed COVID-19 vaccination. The goal, he said, is between 70 and 80 percent in order to protect the campus and surrounding community from the novel coronavirus. 

“This is just one more way to allow students to enjoy a true Stetson experience on campus,” Nault said, “and Stetson is at its best when it’s face-to-face.”

To be eligible, students must register their complete vaccination — either both doses of a two-shot vaccine, like the Pfizer- or Moderna-produced vaccines, or the single shot of the Johnson & Johnson-produced vaccine — online, here, by July 25. New first-year students and transfer students must also have registered for classes by July 15.

All students must also be registered full time for in-person classes.

For more information about the COVID-19 vaccine incentives at Stetson University, visit https://www.stetson.edu/other/safer-stetson.


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