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A loss-prevention officer at a big-box store in DeLand called police April 27 to report that a 37-year-old guy who was previously trespassed from the store by police (a mere 16 days before) had now returned. 

When a police officer arrived at the store, the loss-prevention officer pointed out the trespasser walking through the parking lot and carrying items he’d just shoplifted. 

The lawman got closer to Shoplifting Trespasser and recognized him from previous times they’d crossed paths. 

And, yes, Shoplifting Trespasser was holding two bags of big-box-store merchandise he hadn’t paid for. 

The lawman turned on his car’s emergency lights, called the guy by his first name, and told him to “drop the bags and put your hands on top of your head.” 

Shoplifting Trespasser dropped the bags and started running through the parking lot. 

The officer took hold of the defendant’s shirt and told him to stop resisting, but Shoplifting Trespasser pulled away, thereby causing his shirt to rip off. 

The officer seized the fellow’s left arm and, still calling him by his first name, continued telling him to stop resisting. 

Fina l ly he pinned Shoplifting Trespasser to the side of his patrol vehicle. 

The defendant fell to the ground and said, “My chest hurts, my chest hurts.” 

The officer handcuffed him and called for emergency responders to come. 

One of the store’s loss-prevention officers said he saw Shoplifting Trespasser come in, get several store bags, head to housewares, and put several items in two of the bags, including an electric sharpener, a knife sharpener, a knife, a lighter, and a Wahl shaver (with a total value of $86.23). 

Shoplifting Trespasser then exited the store without attempting to pay for anything. 

While emergency responders were checking on his health, “he spontaneously uttered, ‘I’ve been getting rammed up into the nose with the satellite that why I broke the law this morning,’” and he said, “I committed crime.” 

If there’s a trial, it should be interesting. 

— By Keith Allen, based on local police-agency reports. If you have information about a crime, call Crime Stoppers, 1-888-277- TIPS. You could be eligible for a reward. 


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