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Editor, The Beacon: 

I attended the DeLand City Commission meeting June 7. 

The residents of DeLand let the commissioners know they were 100 percent against the housing-development plans for the 167 acres that should be — and must be — a park for the citizens. 

The vote never took place. 

The mayor, who is 100 percent for the developers, did everything he could to allow changes to the plan in order to, hopefully, get the plan passed. 

The vote will now take place during the second meeting in July. 

The mayor and commissioners are paying little attention to what the citizens of DeLand want. 

As elected officials, their job is to listen and do the will of the citizens who elected them. 

If the 167 acres do not become a park/green space, their re-election should be in serious doubt. 

Our city officials should study the budget, look closely at expenditures, and find a way (bond issue?) to purchase the land and give us the park we so desperately want. 

Too much money is wasted and/or spent on unnecessary purchases. 

Please reconsider this housing development, and give the people their park! 

Cathie Wenderoth 



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