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Update, June 16: Search for Shih Tzu postponed after Alfred is sighted

Valerie Boldt, a DeLand resident who has spearheaded efforts to track down Alfred the Shih Tzu, who was lost after a fatal car wreck killed his owner June 4, has postponed a Thursday, June 17, search party after an Alfred-sighting on the morning of June 16. 

Not far from the site of the crash that led to Alfred’s disappearance and his owner death, a resident spotted the brown-and-white Shih Tzu in their front yard. When the resident called the dog’s name, he turned toward the call and wagged his tail, Boldt told The Beacon. But when the resident approached the dog, he ran in the other direction.

As a result, Boldt said, Animal Control officials recommended calling off the search by volunteers, for fear the commotion might drive Alfred further into the woods or onto a busy road. 

“A trap has been set up by Animal Control, and we need to not be around the area to chase him away,” Boldt said. “We certainly don’t want to chase him out onto 472. It seems he’s staying near the accident site.”

The crash happened June 4 near the intersection of State Road 472 and County Road 4101, also known as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Beltway in DeLand and Kentucky Avenue in Orange City.

With a trap set up near where Alfred was spotted, Boldt said, an Animal Control agent suggested the search party be delayed to test the trap. If Alfred is not found within the next day or so, Boldt said she would consider reconvening a search on Friday or Saturday, June 18 or 19. 

Boldt said she will be posting updates about search party plans on her Facebook page, HERE.

If you spot Alfred the brown-and-white Shih Tzu, contact Boldt at 407-446-2806, or Eva at 407-496-0460.

A fatal car wreck near Orange City in the early morning of June 4 left two dead, including a 13-year-old. The 13-year-old’s dog dog, a brown-and-white Shih Tzu named Alfred, survived the crash, but was lost in the aftermath. Now, members of the community are banding together to try to find the lost dog.

Efforts to track down Alfred are being spearheaded by the 13-year-old’s aunt, Eva, and DeLandite Valerie Boldt. 

After hearing about the accident, Boldt spoke with Eva and began putting up signs around the site of the accident, on State Road 472 near County Road 4101. 

There is reason to hope, Boldt said. Not only was Alfred spotted twice shortly after the crash, but the area was searched recently by an individual with a  search-and-rescue dog, Boldt said, which turned up paw prints they believe belong to Alfred, as well as his scent.

Boldt is organizing a search party of volunteers to scour the area around the crash site. Volunteers will be armed with squeaky toys in hopes of attracting Alfred.

When searching for Alfred, Boldt said, people should use “calm tones” when calling his name.

Anyone interested in joining the search, Boldt said, should meet at 6 p.m. Thursday, June 17, at the Cemex building, 2170 State Road 472 in Orange City. Parking will be available outside of the Cemex building, as long as no one is blocking the building’s gate. 

For more information, or to get involved with the search, contact Boldt at 407-446-2806, or visit her Facebook page, Help Bring Alfred Home, which will be regularly updated with additional information.


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