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Commission appointed five members to the newly formed Public Mural Art Committee June 7: DeLandites and artists Bobbi Baugh, Mary Swiderski, John Wilton, Mike Orr and Anslee Holland. 

Baugh, Swiderski and Wilton will begin four-year terms on the committee, while Orr and Holland begin two-year terms. 

There were seven applications for the five seats, more applications, according to DeLand Mayor Bob Apgar, than city committees typically receive. 

Not appointed to the committee were applicants Erica Group, creator of DeLand’s famous #DeLandWings mural, and Museum of Art – DeLand Executive Director Pattie Pardee. 

“In this day and age, it’s unusual for us to have committee appointments that are as oversubscribed as this one was, and so we do appreciate everyone’s interest,” Apgar said. “Those that do not get appointed, please consider other city boards and activities that you may want to become involved in.” 

The DeLand Mural Committee will meet as-needed to evaluate designs and plans for murals planned around the city. The committee’s role will be to decide whether a mural’s design fits the character of the city, as well as to determine whether the plans for materials and maintenance are adequate, and generally whether mural proposals are up to snuff. 

Meet the DeLand Public Mural Art Committee


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