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MARY SWIDERSKI — DeLand artist Mary Swiderski.

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MARY SWIDERSKI — DeLand artist Mary Swiderski.

Mary Swiderski is, in her own words, “Not a typical artist.” 

While she would argue it is because she has less talent than her peers on the Mural Committee, the difference is really in her medium. 

Rather than paintings or sculptures, Swiderski uses all types of materials to create everything from dartboards to old furniture. 

A longtime DeLand resident, Swiderski, a former member of the DeLand City Commission, was involved with the original Mural Committee through the MainStreet DeLand Association in the 1990s. That committee was responsible for a number of well-known installations around DeLand, including the mural at Pioneer Park on Rich Avenue. 

Now, she’s excited to contribute again to DeLand’s public arts. 

Swiderski has watched the public interest in public art grow over time, and she believes it adds to what makes the city of DeLand one-of-a-kind. 

“That’s what we’re about. DeLand was created around being unique,” Swiderski said. “We are a unique city.” 

Swiderski will serve a four-year term in Seat 3. 


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