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Gov. Ron DeSantis recently signed three military- and veteran-related bills to establish a “Purple Star Campus Program,” to help transitioning service members gain workforce ‎training, and enhance veterans’ preference in hiring.

“Florida is the most military- and veteran-friendly state in the nation,” DeSantis said in a news release. “In my time as Governor, we have worked hard to serve those who have served our country by making investments in military bases, schools around those bases, and programs that serve veterans and their families.”

Under one bill, the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) will establish a “Purple Star Campus Program” to identify schools that support military-connected children and demonstrate a commitment to provide critical transition support to military families.

House Bill 435, Veterans Employment and Training, designates Veterans Florida as the state’s principal DOD SkillBridge assistance ‎organization to educate in-state and out-of-state transitioning service members of available ‎SkillBridge apprenticeships, internships, and fellowships across Florida during their last ‎‎180 days in uniform and to assist employers in developing and implementing new SkillBridge ‎training. Service members in SkillBridge gain valuable civilian work experience while ‎maintaining their DOD salary and benefits.‎

Separating or retiring service members interested in participating in the Florida SkillBridge ‎Initiative can visit www.veteransflorida.org/register.

Finally, Senate Bill 922 authorizes ‎state and political subdivisions ‎to waive certain postsecondary educational requirements ‎for employment for eligible ‎service members and veterans. It also enhances ‎point preferences given to veterans ‎and their family members when a numerically based ‎selection process is used for hiring.‎

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— Compiled by Business Editor Joe Crews


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