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Here are a few of the planned developments working their way through DeLand’s regulatory process:


318.4 acres, 600 homes

Lake Winnemissett and East New York Avenue

Rezoning for the Cresswind 55-and-older community on the east side of Lake Winnemissett in DeLand was approved by the DeLand City Commission in 2020. Before construction can begin, though, the applicant must get a preliminary plat approved by the City Commission.

The decision to approve the rezoning for the planned development took months of debate by the City Commission, and hourslong meetings filled with fiery public commentary both in support of and against Cresswind.

The total Cresswind development, once fully built, will span 318.4 acres and have 600 single-family homes.

Construction plans currently require the removal of 266 historic trees.

“I do not recall another development in the 15 years that I have been here that has come close to this level of historic tree removal,” DeLand Forester Mariellen Calabro told The Beacon.

The most recent development on Cresswind came May 19 when the DeLand Planning Board approved the preliminary plat for the first phase of the development’s construction.

There was hesitation among members of the Planning Board who did not have all of the city staff’s recommendations before the meeting at which they had to vote on the plat. However, as City Attorney Darren Elkind pointed out during the May 19 meeting, the role of the Planning Board was merely to decide whether the plat lined up with the approved development plan, which it did.

The next step for the Cresswind Phase I preliminary plat is approval by the DeLand City Commission. Planning Director Mike Holmes told The Beacon he anticipates the plat appearing on the City Commission’s agenda for its meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 6, in the City Commission Chambers in DeLand City Hall, 120 S. Florida Ave.

Oak Hammock Reserve

40.37 acres, 128 homes as of May 17

Beresford Road and Spring Garden Avenue

Oak Hammock Reserve is a planned development that would place 128 homes — as of the last time the DeLand City Commission saw the plan — at the northwest corner of South Spring Garden Avenue and West Beresford Road.

The last time a rezoning request for the planned development came before the DeLand City Commission, commissioners delayed making a decision on Oak Hammock Reserve because of concerns over the density of homes and the lot sizes.

When the development first came before the DeLand City Commission in April, the number of homes planned for the 40-acre parcel was 130. Commissioners wanted the number reduced, and when it came back in May, that number had been reduced to 128.

Two homes disappearing wasn’t enough for the city commissioners.

Another point of contention for Oak Hammock Reserve was the earlier approval of a preliminary plat for Beresford Woods, a 90-acre, 289-home subdivision that would border Oak Hammock Reserve to the north.

With concerns about the density of homes not relieved by the applicant, and with fears about too many homes on 40-foot-wide lots, the City Commission unanimously approved delaying the planned development’s first reading.

Oak Hammock Reserve is expected to receive its third “first” hearing at the DeLand City Commission meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, June 21, in the City Commission Chambers in DeLand City Hall, 120 S. Florida Ave.

Also in the pipeline:

Kirk DeLand, now known as Canopy Terrace

36.16 acres, 140 homes

Intersection of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Beltway and Cassadaga Road

What’s going on: The project has been approved. The preliminary plat was scheduled to come before the DeLand Planning Board Wednesday, June 16.

Arlington Heights

9.43 acres, 35 homes

At the southwest corner of Voorhis Avenue and South Pine Street

What’s going on: The project has been approved. The preliminary plat was scheduled to come before the DeLand Planning Board Wednesday, June 16.

Project formerly known as Automall

53 acres, at least 16 acres for housing, up to 450 homes

Orange Camp Road and I-4

What’s going on: Now tentatively titled “Orange Camp Point,” the project is looking to develop up to 300 multifamily two-bedroom, two-bath units, and 150 town homes on Lake Helen’s side of the joint development area agreed on by DeLand and Lake Helen in 2018.

The original plan was for retail and other commercial areas on DeLand’s side, while Lake Helen would host up to 11 car dealerships. According to attorney Rob Doan of Cobb Cole, who represents I-4 Automall developer Brendan Hurley and I-4 Automall LLC, the cost of construction materials prompted the change in plan.

The new plan is currently winding its way through the development departments of DeLand and Lake Helen, and the developer is hopeful preliminary site work might begin in August.


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