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The Volusia County School Board is set to consider a revision to the school district dress code that would eliminate mandatory uniforms.

The proposed policy revision — which the board will discuss at their regular School Board meeting June 22 — strikes out all school uniform requirements for kindergarten through 12th grade.

Standard dress code provisions, like no hats or offensive slogans, will still apply.

Volusia County Schools has had a uniform policy since 2016, although it has been revised several times. The current policy restricted the colors and types of clothing that could be worn, and specified that footwear be closed-toe. Colors permitted are white, gray, black, navy blue and khaki, or “up to two additional school colors” designated by a principal.

The board will discuss the amendments at the upcoming regular meeting. The changes, if accepted, will then be advertised.

The June 22 meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. in the Volusia County School District Administrative Complex boardroom, 200 N. Clara Ave., DeLand, or streaming online at https://www.vcsedu.org/school-board/meeting-information.


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