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Editor, The Beacon:

I have had it! 

Isn’t DeLand a decent town? I think it is.

Then why must we be constantly subjected to signs like “No More Bull S—- Trump 2020”? There’s a large sign like this inside a fence on State Road 44, a gateway entry to our fair city.

What must people think, that we sanction guttural obscenities? That we have an affinity for brutes and bullies? Do we not care that our children see this broadcast of angry language?

Why do we brush it off when pickup trucks blow by with large “F— Biden” flags? I am tired of it.

And there’s the jogger in Orange City whose standard attire is a brown muscle shirt bearing “F— Trump.”

In the 1970s in North Carolina, the Highway Patrol banned “obscene” bumper stickers after “S— Happens” showed up en masse. But now? I vote for civility.

Suze Peace



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