Editor, The Beacon:

Mr. Jones’ “rich history” of the Bill of Rights (so far) is the sanitized version I was taught, believed, and accepted without question. This bill was intended to codify in the Constitution certain inalienable rights belonging to citizens. But, in practice, it was applied to only certain citizens: white, monied, males. And this has been America’s dilemma till this day: How can we/should we make the promises of the Constitution apply to all Americans?

What the Constitution gives, the deluded and devious minds of the electorate take away. This American Dilemma seems predicated on the idea that the white male is a superior being, and he should control the application of those promises because of that superiority.

President Barack Obama came along, blew up that claim, the gloves came off, and the Tea Party was formed. There is no longer a pretense of equal rights. Now, the GOP (Republicans) is blatantly trying to strip Black Americans of their voting rights.

Today, without real opposition from the press, or a national outcry, the GOP (Republicans) is trying to openly rig the next election. Because Black voters turned out in such large numbers, many state legislatures have implemented laws to suppress that vote.

After an election acclaimed by GOP (Republican) officials as the most problem-free, they now say these new laws will eliminate problems. B.S.!!

And the relative silence on these pages belies the idea of inalienable rights, condones disenfranchisement (as long as it isn’t mine), and gives credence to the concept of white privilege. Any honest discussion of the “rich history” of the Bill of Rights must include the more than 200 years of Black people fighting for real inclusion. And the duty and responsibility of all Americans to join them.

Julius C. Bennett



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