Editor, The Beacon:

As a manager of rental properties in DeLand, I have already seen the alarming impacts of the mounting housing-affordability crisis on renters, property managers and our community.

Housing affordability is an ongoing challenge that demands the attention of policymakers to ensure America’s housing market is prepared for both current and future renters to find quality, affordable housing.

The country is in a severe housing shortage, which, coupled with the pandemic’s economic impact, is fueling the affordability crisis.

There are two pieces of legislation in Congress that could properly address the crisis and help ensure that there is ample affordable housing for the renters who need it most: the Yes in My Backyard (YIMBY) Act and the Housing Supply and Affordability Act. Both bills would work to address this problem for decades to come.

Eliminating barriers to development of new housing, while simultaneously improving affordability in markets with rising housing costs, will help curtail the housing-affordability crisis across the country. Congress needs to pass both the YIMBY and the Housing Supply and Affordability acts — the nation’s 40 million renters, housing providers, and the nation as a whole depend on their action.

Bonnie B. Smetzer

— Smetzer is past president of the Florida Apartment Association.


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