Editor, The Beacon:

Where drinking-water wells are fed by the aquifer, from Wakulla Springs near Tallahassee through Silver Springs near Ocala, to Blue Spring in Orange City to Wekiwa Springs in the Altamonte Springs area, the fish are gone or are very, very few.

Why? Because the pollution of millions of septic systems has leached nitrates into the ground, which end up in the aquifer, which is our/your drinking water.

You may think that bottled water is the answer, but that, in fact, may come from Miami public sewage-treatment systems or from the polluted springs themselves.

The Audubon Society played a significant part in getting the “Impaired Waters Rule” in place for spring-basin areas. This rule requires sewage-treatment plants for new construction (effective July 1, 2018), but, alas, the County Council is not enforcing it.

So, it’s getting worse faster and faster, to the point that we have to clean our commodes every day now.

Please tell your County Council to enforce the legal “Impaired Waters Rule” — as soon as possible — to stop new building without the proper legally required sewage-treatment plants in place before construction starts.

Deltona, Lake Helen, DeLand, DeBary, Orange City and our unincorporated areas all are under attack by unscrupulous builders who are willing to flout the rules.

Ax Tax Davis

Lake Helen


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