Aubrey Imes
Aubrey Imes

A true Southern girl, Aubrey L. Imes was born and raised in DeLand. After going through and enjoying the ROTC program in high school, she decided to join the Navy once she graduated.

While in the Navy, Imes traveled all around the world, building amazing memories and serving her country. Some of her memories included seeing snow for the first time at Great Lakes Naval Base in Chicago, ice-skating in Japan, visiting the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, and learning to overcome seasickness.

Imes retired from the Navy in 2009, and is very proud of her Navy history.

“She keeps her dress blues in a special bag, and wears her anchor charm every day,” said her mother, Denise Lewis. “Just the fact that she was in the Navy, that she served, and did what a lot of people don’t do or can’t do, is really special.”

After serving, Imes got her associate degree in medical science, and she is currently a medical assistant at a doctor’s office.


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