Editor, The Beacon:

So many of our GOP supporters are quiet in the face of rampant racism being practiced in the highest seats of government. I’m no longer surprised that Volusia County citizens ignore the fact that millions of Americans are being stripped of their constitutional rights across the country.

It wasn’t too long ago that I, as a poll worker, was greeted by racial slurs and the sign of the hangman’s noose. Apparently, the threat of loss of societal place is more dreaded than sickness and death. And this can be laid at the feet of the GOP.

The surge in COVID infections is happening primarily in GOP states. And the reaction to possible lifesaving measures is as virulent as the disease itself. The persistent cry is the loss of control over their own bodies posed by these lifesaving suggestions.

After decades of being told not to trust government, some governors can’t understand why their constituents “don’t use common sense” (governor of Alabama).

After decades of denying women their right to personal freedom, they can’t see the irony in their complaints.

It has gotten so bad that one governor is rescinding the mask mandate of a Black mayor, and his state is one of the highest surge states in the country.

Jane Elliott, noted educator/sociologist, once asked a white audience if anyone would trade places with any Black in America. She got no takers!

Does that mean that people see discrimination but don’t care, as long as it’s not happening to them?

One hundred fifteen to 120 degrees in the Northwest; apples have more than doubled in price. Whole towns burned to the ground in Canada because of spontaneous combustion in 120-degree heat. And the GOP denies climate change.

Somebody once stated that racism would lead to the fall of democracy. Yeah! Aided and abetted by the “silent patriots” who dread the thought of an inclusive society! And whose “patriotism” is impelling them toward a lemminglike future.

Julius C. Bennett



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