PRESENTING A KEEPSAKE — At left, Mike Cook Jr. receives a congratulatory “star” for stellar performance by Cook’s Buffet Cafe Bakery from West Volusia MOAA Chapter President Raymond A. Parker.

In DeLand, people and organizations are pulling together to get through COVID-19. A notable leader in this effort has been Cook’s Buffet Cafe Bakery at 704 N. Woodland Blvd., a local veterans group said in a news release.

Cook’s resilience and commitment enabled community-support organizations to continue in their missions. Among these was the Military Officers Association of America West Volusia Chapter.

Meeting monthly with 25-30 members and guests, the chapter was required to find temporary meeting accommodations due to COVID. The chapter holds luncheons with an agenda comprising camaraderie, informative presentations, and a brief business meeting.

When asked to provide meals, the restaurant responded proactively. Cook’s prepared multi-course varied menus, individually boxed hot meals, salads, and dressing. The chapter arranged to collect the meals and, always, Cook’s was on time, meals were packaged to stay hot, and Cook’s staff assisted in loading the meals. Throughout the chapter’s 2020-21 business year, Cook’s fulfilled its promise to serve and satisfy.

Embarking on its 2021-22 year, the West Volusia Chapter is relocating to its new, more permanent meeting facility furnishing in-house served food service. With its decision to relocate, the chapter promptly commissioned a keepsake highlighting Cook’s fine service and a formal letter of recognition and thanks from the MOAA’s West Volusia Chapter.

Just as it is MOAA’s maxim to NEVER STOP SERVING®, Cook’s Buffet Cafe Bakery also never stopped serving its patrons, organizations, and the community, according to the news release.

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— Compiled by Business Editor Joe Crews


  1. Oh, so after you all got so petty and closed the restaurant several years ago, now somehow you’re to be celebrated. You had a great place at one time, but not now. Next story, please. This one isn’t worth a hill of beans.


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