REMOVED — A Volusia County Animal Services officer removes a dog from Journey’s End Animal Sanctuary Jan. 15, 2020.

Volusia County officials are on-scene at a DeLand animal sanctuary Monday afternoon to investigate the health and welfare of the animals housed at the facility.

The investigation was launched after numerous violations were observed at Journey’s End Animal Sanctuary and a volunteer filed a complaint about a cat at the facility that wasn’t receiving appropriate care.

Last year, following complaints of inadequate care, Volusia County Animal Services obtained a court order to seize more than a dozen animals that were in urgent need of medical attention. The case against the facility ultimately was resolved last June with a settlement agreement that required the facility to reduce the number of animals it took in. The agreement also permitted the county to conduct periodic inspections to ensure that the animals were being properly cared for and the facility was living up to the terms of the settlement agreement.

Animal Services has conducted 15 announced inspections at the property located on Mercers Fernery Road since the settlement agreement was signed, with officers observing instances of non-compliance with both the agreement and the county’s animal ordinance during every inspection. The violations include failure to routinely provide rabies vaccinations, county licenses and adequate care for the animals located at the property.

“Throughout this case, Volusia County Animal Services’ focus has been and will continue to be the care and welfare of the animals,” said Volusia County Animal Services Director Adam Leath. “We’re committed to ensuring each animal on the property has access to adequate and humane care.”

Anyone with information about Journey’s End is encouraged to contact Volusia County Animal Services at 386-248-1790.

– Volusia County Community Information Gary Davidson



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