Editor, The Beacon:

To those who say there’s no cure for stupid, there is a cure — it’s death. This is what we are witness to during this “Culture War” period of stupidity. Those dying from the COVID-19 delta variant are unvaccinated, supporters of the idea that this virus is a hoax.

The people misled by Fox News’ Carlson and Hannity promoting the horse medicine ivermectin for the virus as an alternative to the vaccine are at risk of death.

Hydroxychloroquine promoted as a cure for COVID is just another example of these fools spreading misinformation. People died.

Their (Fox) continuing their conspiracy theories about the election being stolen, their disrespect and attacks on Dr. Anthony Fauci and other medical people, and the theory that the FBI planned the Jan. 6 insurrection are all what they call fake news.

They base their lies on what will bring fear to their audience. People died as a result of the insurrection.

Stop watching Hannity and Carlson on Fox News if you want a chance of living a normal life. They don’t deserve anyone’s attention.

Misinformation and chaos are their mantra, along with former President Donald Trump’s “big lie.” Ignorance is what they appeal to, to provide “entertainment” to their followers.

They easily blame President Joe Biden for the failure of the Afghan people to raise a viable government and a responsible army after 20 years of American support. Their hatred of Biden is broadcast in their exaggeration and characterization of his speech and mental status.

Their distortion of the truth is unacceptable. Their continuing support of conspiracies reflects their ignorance and misguided intentions.

They are dangerous and a threat to democracy. Their continued support of the “big lie” led to legislatures limiting voting rights. As a result, Democracy will die.

Watch the PBS NewsHour instead. They provide reality to the news and present two sides of the issues. Not one corrupted side as Fox does.

Martin Harper

Orange City

— Harper is a member of the City Council in Orange City.


  1. I listen to World Cafe, and that’s about it…As right wing as Fox is, I consider PBS far left…too left for my taste….But, then again, watch what you like…Free country right?


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