BEACON PHOTO/ELI WITEK ‘LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE’ — Reads one sign at the anti-mask protest outside the School Board meeting Aug. 31.

Editor, The Beacon:

Difficult to believe! Defies reason!

I was there at the Aug. 31 Volusia County School Board meeting regarding a mask mandate. A multitude of concerned parents expressed very-well-thought-out and researched arguments. Several students spoke with compelling pleas not to jeopardize their academic progress.

Despite a very clear majority of parents and concerned citizens, the School Board voted to reinstate a temporary mandatory mask policy.

Thankfully, School Board Members Mrs. Haynes and Mrs. Burnette spoke eloquently not to betray the promise the School Board had made to parents for the 2021-22 school year. That reasoning would not persuade the vote.

The rationale was that by putting on masks, the delta-variant numbers would be slowed and students could avoid quarantines, which are so detrimental to the learning process. You can see where this is headed.

In October, when the emergency mask mandate expires, there will be some other variant that will necessitate extending the mask mandate. Already incensed parents will be told to get your child vaccinated and we’ll lift the mask mandates. Manipulation and control.

Despite the slick public-relations campaign to encourage vaccination, there are a lot of people who object to injecting an untested experimental piece of mRNA housed in a lipid nanoparticle that will code for a spike protein into their bodies.

To get technical, that does not even rise to the definition of a vaccine. You won’t see this in the typical news media, so search Telegram and Bitchute, but there are scores of people old and young who now have chronic myocarditis, seizures, hyperkinesia resembling Parkinson’s, chronic fatigue, Guillain-Barré, which is a paralysis, joint pain, uncontrolled spasms, life-threatening blood clots, and some have died soon after vaccination.

No thank you, I choose not to get the shot. And I don’t want to see people forced to get the shot, either. It’s a personal choice between you and your doctor.

Interesting statistics: In the 18 months of the pandemic, 0.057 percent of the age group infant-18 have died from coronavirus. Children are at very low risk to get and spread coronavirus.

Children, although more susceptible to the delta variant, experience mild to moderate symptoms. They recover quickly. Indeed, the delta variant has peaked, and its spread is declining. So, what are parents to do when an elected official won’t respond to sound reasoning?

One will say find a candidate and get behind them in the next election. But that’s too late for the articulate young woman I heard speak, who is motivated to get good grades to earn scholarships for college. Mask-wearing impedes her learning.

Despite the condescending way some of the School Board members and the superintendent view the public, those parents I saw are clever and can figure out a way to protest peacefully and yet make their voices heard. Here are some ideas:

1. Spread far and wide by every social media outlet the profound harm that comes from wearing masks for six to eight hours a day.

The infringement on parents’ rights to mandate that students be subject to this health danger is unconscionable and perhaps illegal. There isn’t only increased carbon-dioxide inhalation, headaches and low oxygen in the blood, but disturbing mental-illness consequences that one mental-health professional detailed at the meeting.

2. Persuade not just 10 or 20 people to send their kids to school without masks, but hundreds. The new policy would say that students who arrive maskless will be sent home. That policy will be unsustainable if hundreds must be sent home every day.

3. Flood the school with the medical exceptions. Not just a sprinkle of kids not wearing masks, but 50 percent will make the mask policy untenable.

Yes, I’m in my 60s, and this doesn’t really affect me directly, but if I don’t speak up now, it might not be long before it will.

For those who hold back and don’t want to get involved, better make your voice count for freedom and parental choice and good scientific reasoning while there is time.

Debbie Maxwell


— Maxwell, a former respiratory therapist who has a Ph.D. in chemistry, is chief science officer for BoMax Hydrogen LLC, a Merritt Island-based firm that is working on a passive method to produce hydrogen using a photo-catalytic system derived from bacteria, and an inexpensive light-harvesting material.


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