PHOTO COURTESY HTD CLEANING SERVICES GRIME-FIGHTERS — These unidentified workers are ready to tackle the home of an HTD Cleaning Services client.

National Professional Housecleaners Day falls on Sept. 17 each year; it is a day for all cleaning companies and cleaners to be recognized for their milestones.

Suzi Virgilio, owner of HTD Cleaning Services, started her cleaning business four years ago. It quickly grew into one of the top-rated cleaning companies in West Volusia.

“Growing a successful cleaning company is challenging work and takes commitment,” Virgilio said. “For business owners like me, it is not 9-to-5. It is 24/7. I wish someone had shown me the ropes in the beginning. A lot of headaches could have been avoided.”

Several months ago, Virgilio learned about Cleaning Business Fundamentals, a “members only” access to systems used by cleaning businesses.

According to its website, CBF teaches business owners how to build a business, from start-up to success and profits, and ease of operations is a top priority. Profits, systems, scalability and quality of life are the core values that drive CBF’s proven strategies.

“I had the business coming in, but I didn’t have any systems,” stated Virgilio. “A company can only grow so much without business systems.”

owner of HTD Cleaning Services, became
such a promoter of a business-systems
company that its owner is flying
her on an all-expenses-paid trip to Colorado
to speak at a national retreat.

Joining Cleaning Business Fundamentals changed the entire trajectory of HTD Cleaning Services in a positive way. Since then, Virgilio has been encouraging other cleaning-business owners to do the same.

“Investing in my company is not an expense. This was the best decision I ever made for my business,” she said. “Of course, I am going to share with others. I get excited when other cleaning-business owners thrive, too.”

In fact, Virgilio is so passionate about her company and CBF that she inspires other cleaning-business owners to follow her lead.

As a result of Virgilio’s sharing of her stories, the CEO of Cleaning Business Fundamentals, Debbie Sardone, took notice of Virgilio’s passion, calling her an “influencer” in the field.

Sardone was so impressed, she offered to fly Virgilio first-class to Denver later this month. It’s an all-expenses-paid trip, and Virgilio will speak in front of hundreds of other cleaning-business owners at their annual Cleaning Business Fundamentals Retreat.

“This is an incredible honor to be asked to speak at a CBF event,” Virgilio said. “To look back at the past four years and to see how far my company has come has been nothing short of amazing. I have been blessed beyond my wildest expectations, and my goal is to help others achieve these same milestones. Helping others motivates me every day. That is why I do what I do.”

Sardone is the leading cleaning-business consultant in the world, CBF’s website says. She also started the nonprofit national organization “Cleaning for a Reason,” which enables cancer patients who are going through cancer treatments to receive up to two free house cleanings.

the emergency supplies every
prepared homeowner should have on
hand before a storm threatens.
IMPROVING THE VIEW — A worker with HTD Cleaning Services digs deep to clean
a window sill in a customer’s home.



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