Editor, The Beacon:

I have been keeping up with all the great ideas the City of DeLand can implement on the 167 acres that used to be Southridge Golf Course.

I know that cities are always scurrying around looking for money; I’m not sure exactly why. Most governments have plenty of money. It’s the people running the government who forget where that money comes from, and it is not a private piggy bank for their personal use. The money should be spent on important development for the city in which they work.

Is there no such thing as a savings account in the city budget? Or the School Board budget? Does every dime have to be spent every year?

In case that is our problem when discussing the proposed land that the citizens of DeLand would like to see become a beautiful park for all the citizens, I would like to suggest we use eminent domain to purchase the property and fix it up. I know we all need to help.

There are plenty of people in this city who would donate time to help. We have rakes, shovels, trowels, gloves, and coolers to hold water! We have civic groups, garden clubs and neighborhoods who would chip in to help us have a park.

But, eminent domain is there for the city to buy the land for a fair and reasonable price, and not get overcharged. Let’s remember the land has sat vacant and unused for years. It is not all of a sudden worth millions.

It’s time for the city to listen and act. Vote “no” on Oct. 4. We’ll be there to support you. Use the resources available to you so the city will own the land and give this city its dream.

Jane Donlon



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