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BEACON PHOTO/AL EVERSON BUSY PLACE — The DeBary Diner is packed following publicity about a sign the owner posted on the door asking supporters of President Biden to take their business elsewhere.

Editor, The Beacon:

The owner of a small diner in DeBary recently posted a sign on the front door of the diner asking that anyone who supports Joe Biden, our president, not patronize her establishment.

Supposedly, this was in response to the withdrawal of American forces in Afghanistan and the deaths of 13 service members in the process.

As the owner of the diner, that is her prerogative. However, I would like to ask her the following: Does she know that then-President Trump negotiated a withdrawal agreement in February 2020; he excluded the Afghan government from the negotiations; reduced our forces from 13,000 to 2,500 soldiers; set a withdrawal date of May 1, 2021; and freed 5,000 Taliban, many of whom took arms back up against U.S. troops?

Does she know that former President Trump pushed for the release of the Taliban co-founder Mullah Baradar, who may be the next president of Afghanistan?

Does she know that G.W. Bush, in his address to the nation Sept. 20, 2001, set the goal of rooting out and eliminating terrorists and terrorist camps, but never mentioned staying in Afghanistan to set up a democratic government?

Does she know that on March 19, 2003, G.W. Bush diverted thousands upon thousands of troops and billions of dollars to a war with Iraq based on a lie, and extending the war in Afghanistan?

Does she know that more than 58,000 troops were killed in Vietnam, more than 4,000 in Iraq and almost 2,500 in Afghanistan, not to mention the thousands upon thousands of troops who made it back, but with life-altering physical and emotional injuries?

Does she know that the chaotic withdrawal from Saigon evacuated 7,000 people who, at times, were under fire from the North Vietnamese, while more than 122,000 people were evacuated by Aug. 31, 2021?

Where was her rage at the presidents, congressmen and the people who voted for them who started and continued our recent wars that have cost almost 65,000 soldiers’ lives?

I could also ask where is her rage against the prior administration who has cost 10 times that number of lives with their incompetent response to the COVID pandemic.

Why didn’t she tell anyone who voted for those administrations that they were not welcome in her restaurant? How is she going to identify those who do not agree with her? Will she be checking voter-registration cards at her door? Would these be called “voter passports,” and would they be banned by our governor as he has banned “vaccine passports”?

When would she have us pull out of a war that we cannot win, already our longest war? Would it be after 13 more American soldiers die, 50, 100, 1,000? How many more soldiers would she have die?

Finally, while many in DeBary have supported her, I question the sense of any business owner who would turn away any customer based on their political beliefs. That is not what our forefathers and those after them have fought for over the course of our history. Opposing viewpoints, fine. Rational debate, fine, compromise, fine! Outright hate and exclusion of others and their beliefs? Hell no!

Don Neyer



  1. Hey Don, just don’t go there. That’s how you vote. Appreciate your perspective. I won’t be voting for you. The death of 13 (actually 14) soldiers and fellow countrymen isn’t political. It’s personal.

  2. It is time people start expressing their feelings with this useless administration we have in office right now. You don’t like her opinions, don’t go there. The babbling idiot and the rest of the damnacrats need to be removed from office.

  3. This is a slander piece. The business owner has every right. Glad she did it. Biden administration is the worst administration our country has ever seen. I can’t wait until they are removed.

    • The worst??? How, how in the hell could any administration be worse than the corrupt, lying, narcissistic, demented and self-serving Trump. The deluded mind has no reason nor memory
      of anything that does not comport to their delusions. You cannot fight facts. The only thing worst than believing lies is not believing in truth.

  4. Love this! Her husband works for 105.9 and I listen to him every morning!!! He and his cohorts always have validity! Check them out!!! I’m not a hater!

  5. Wow, go take your worm medicine now, since your memory has failed all of you. Your denials of actual facts does hurt your bunghole…Wake up and quit believe lies. Because if you cannot fundamentally understand what was said here, you’re ignorant.

  6. I’ve been to this place. I felt like Ripley walking into the Queen’s hive at the end of ‘Aliens’.

    The owner was wearing a hat that said, “I Could Sh*t a Better President,” to which the entire restaurant erupted in laughter when the trivia host pointed it out. The cultists who stand out on the corner of Enterprise & Saxon came in that night, complete with them wearing flags as childish capes — just like the domestic terrorists did on 1/6 when Blue Lives like Brian Sicknick’s all of a sudden didn’t matter anymore.

    Biden has absolutely nothing to do it with this sign. It could be Dubya, JFK, Eisenhower, or Thomas Jefferson running the country. The only thing that matters to these people is that it isn’t Trump in charge. Full stop. They have elevated a malignant narcissist grifter Manhattanite who lives in a golden apartment at the crest of a skyscraper and never met a contractor he didn’t want to screw over to God-King status; a paragon of religious virtue and the Savior of the Working Man.

    The damage he’s done to our country is absolutely irreparable. We are never, ever coming back from it. Trust in our elections is gone, and any criticism no matter how valid is hand-waved away as “Fake News.” His sycophantic disciples want nothing more than power, and his hyperbolic rhetoric is designed to do nothing more than to stoke fear and hate — and it’s working.

    This man is the modern day political equivalent of Jim Jones. If he went on Hannity tomorrow night and suggested that cyanide-laced Kool Aid cured or prevented coronavirus, there would be thousands of corpses to clean up the next morning. There’s a reason Fox News didn’t broadcast his rally on Monday — he’s still spreading lies about the election, while the network is staring down the barrel of a billion dollar lawsuit from Dominion.

    Angie Ugarto doesn’t care about the lives of those 13 soldiers. At all. They’re nothing but a means to weaponize a tragedy, appease and pay tribute to Dear Leader.

  7. Forget all the political b.s. here. Who is/was serving in office has nothing to do with the issue at hand. I served my country fighting to preserve our freedom and right to believe what we want. I don’t have to agree with her views to applaud her for exercising her right to express them in the business she owns. If the sign offends you, don’t go in…or, go in and spark a logical debate if you wish. But do not publicly criticize and hate someone just for not having the same opinion as you.

    • Seriously, your last line of print. Did the owner not do just exactly that with her sign and you’re telling folks who speak back not to because she’s free to express her hate for customers who support Biden but those who disagree should just shut up? Seriously, it’s okay for her but not for us. At one point I had wanted to try this diner, since the owner made her ignorance clear I will never step a foot in her business.

      • Well you can put up any sign you want at your business. No ones stopping you from doing exactly what she did at your own business.

  8. only was a last ditch effort from a failing business, but their horrible business owners, how did they handle the extra business? by closing 4 days after they posted the sign for a week because the ran out of food, they’re literally next to a grocery store and their supply company could have delivered next day or they could pick up same day. idiot owners.

  9. Put Biden and Trump aside for a moment. Which president is responsible for us being over there anyway? How many people have died under the Bush administration? We never should have been there in the first place,we do not belong in another country’s civil war. Look at Korea and Vietnam. We have lost too many people in a country who’s only asset is oil. One last thought , get rid of both political parties and come up with a single party, the American party. Stop all this stupid democrat / republican bickering and become a unified country. You will never please everybody but at least give it a try.

  10. To the ignorant ones that believe everything that demoncrats do is great and anything that Conservatives or Trump does/did is wrong. Trump was the only president outside of Reagan that worked for America and the American people. No evidence was ever found of him doing anything dishonest or illegal, which is something that can not be said for the Moron in the White House and his lying, thieving, druggie son. Trump lowered the taxes, strengthened our military and power around the globe. Never took a dime of pay or payoff like Sleepy Joe did. He got 7 nations to declare peace with Israel and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He made us oil independent, which your Moron in the white house has reversed, and now doubled the price of gas, has over a 10% inflation and food prices are going through the roof. Millions of illegals with all kinds of disease and criminal records are now flooding the country and getting the American taxpayers money and of course raising our taxes, medical bills, further lowering our education level. Now they get to vote. You blind ignorant demoncrats are deadlier than any disease ever known. God said Brains and the demoncrats thought he said Trains and none of them got any. Americans and us Veterans deserve much more than the illegals. But then again, most of you lefties have never done anything for America anyway.


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