BEACON PHOTO/AL EVERSON ANOTHER SMALL-BOX STORE COMING — In the retailing hub of Southwest Volusia, Dollar General is building yet another store in Orange City. This Dollar General one under construction at 1550 S. Volusia Ave. is situated between one on the north end of the city and another on Orange City’s south side. The chain also has several stores in surrounding cities. Orange City’s leaders, meanwhile, may discuss limiting the numbers of such low-price stores in their town.

A dollar here, a dollar there, a dollar store everywhere … 

As Dollar General builds its third store in Orange City, the town’s leaders are wondering if they are getting too many of the small shops boasting convenience and wide arrays of merchandise at low prices.

“I’ve gotten calls,” Council Member Bill O’Connor told his colleagues, suggesting Orange City should consider “a moratorium on dollar stores.”

The Dollar General under construction at 1550 S. Volusia Ave. is a little more than a mile south of the stand-alone Dollar General at 676 N. Volusia Ave. and about 1.5 miles north of the one at 828 Saxon Blvd. There is also a Dollar Tree at 843 Harley Strickland Blvd., in a shopping center with apartment complexes nearby.

Other City Council members said they would like more information about whether a moratorium on new applications for such businesses is needed.

City Manager Dale Arrington said she and her staff will gather information and prepare a report for the council in the coming weeks.

“It will probably be at the last meeting in October or the first meeting in November,” she added.

Asked if any additional dollar stores are poised to open in Orange City, Planning Manager Danalee Petyk said there are no other applications now pending.

Noting the growing number of small-box discounters in their city, Deltona officials last year discussed imposing a moratorium on new dollar stores.

In recent weeks, Family Dollar opened a store in the Deltona Plaza, an aging and established shopping center that has lured several new businesses in recent years.

Orange City Council Member Bill Crippen said the stores fill a void in some of the less-urbanized areas of the county, such as Pierson.

“These dollar stores — Dollar General and Family Dollar — people are buying their groceries,” he noted. “They are the lifeline.”

Indeed, the dollar stores have not only survived, but thrived, in an age of e-commerce juggernauts, led by Amazon.

“Amazon … is often blamed for causing ‘retail apocalypse’ that has caused tens of thousands of store closures over the past decade,” The Motley Fool, a news source for investors, reported Oct. 19, 2019.

“Yet, discounters like Dollar Tree and Dollar General withstood Amazon’s assault, flourished and continued opening stores closer to lower income areas, offering lower prices than Amazon and promoting a ‘treasure hunt’ experience by constantly rotating their products,” the article noted.


  1. Let’s see? The properties were available for anyone to buy. Other companies found these properties didn’t meet their criteria to flourish so they didn’t buy. So the properties sit there vacant collecting minimum taxes. Now to use Amazon’s distribution center in Deltona. The property was paying $20K a year in taxes. Deltona gave Amazon a break on the yearly taxes for 3 years. In the 4th year the tax bill for the improved property was around $640K. Deltona lost $60K over 3 years to re-coop that plus $580K. This increases over the following years which goes into the City coffers to help run the city. And just maybe the residence taxes may not go up or up as fast.


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